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Bridal Bouquet

The Secret Garden Flowers takes pride in being a top-tier florist, having worked with hundreds of brides to create stunning floral arrangements that enhance their wedding day. Our goal is to ensure that the flowers we provide complement the love story of every couple we serve. Our attention to detail and passion for flowers lead us to explore and select only the most beautiful blossoms, to ensure that we create the perfect arrangements for your occasion. We promise to work tirelessly to pour all the love, emotions, and attention to detail that make each piece truly unique, and we’re confident that you and your guests will love the results.

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We create flower arrangements for weddings and civil ceremonies.

WE strive to create beautiful, unique wedding flowers and will work with you to achieve the look you want.

  • Bridal bouquets

  • Bridesmaid bouquets

  • Buttonholes

  • Wrist and pin-on corsages

  • Flower girl bouquets and headdresses

  • Ceremony arrangements

  • Reception flowers

  • Presentation bouquets

  • Glass containers, mirror bases and candle-holders (for hire)


You can book a consultation with us today to discuss your ideas.

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White Colour Wedding Flower Theme

White colour theme wedding 10
White colour theme wedding 12
White colour theme wedding 1
White colour theme wedding 2
White colour theme wedding3
White colour theme wedding 4
White colour theme wedding 5
White colour theme wedding 6
M&D-280.jpgWhite colour theme wedding 7
White colour theme wedding 8
White colour theme wedding 9
White colour theme wedding 13
White colour theme wedding 11
White colour theme wedding 14
White colour theme wedding

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Church Wedding Flowers

Church wedding flowers PHOTO-164.JPG
Church wedding flowers PHOTO-071.JPG
Church wedding flowers PHOTO-067.JPG
Church wedding flowers PHOTO-069.JPG
Church wedding flowers PHOTO-068.JPG
Church wedding flowers PHOTO-070.JPG

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Pink-red Colour Theme Wedding Flowers

Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers 5
Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers
Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers 2
Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers 1
Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers 3
Pink-red Theme Wedding Flowers 4
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